Thursday, March 5, 2009

One Month Old!!!

Well, having little Everlee home has been having any other newborn, our newborn just has a crazy social calendar! This has been our first week that not been flooded with doctor appointments and then we start again next week. She is growing so fast, her last peditrician appointment she had gone from 6'5 to 7'6 lbs in a week! I am guessing she will be hitting 8 lbs in no time. She is starting to make eye contact and is practicing her smile....and yes- she has a dimple! cute.
As far as all of the medical stuff....well, things seem to be doing pretty good. We meet with her urologist on Monday and hopefully will find out more on the extent of the nerve damage controlling her bladder & bowel function. Crossing our fingers there, she could really use a little relief when it comes to poopy diapers...15 a day it not so fun!:) We will also be having our first Spina Bifida Clinic next Thursday. The clinic is where she meets with all of her specialists, Neuro, Ortho, Uro, Cardio....are there anymore o's???? I am looking forward to meeting with the orthopedic surgeon, hopefully we can get a better idea of the nerve damage in her little(okay not so little) feet. Her feet right now are still aiming towards her shins she seems to have trouble pushing them downwards, although most of the docs seem to think she has no feeling in the bottom of her feet- I am still hopeful. She seems to respond when I tickle them- I think she is just moody!:)
So that is the lowdown so far. Our little eater continues to amaze us daily- she is so much more than I could have imagined and has already added so much to our family. She is a little fighter and I can tell is not going to stand by and let anyone give her limitations. We thank you all for your support, I know I am repeated myself but really it has meant SO much to us. We really could not have survived this time in our lives without all the support & love of our family & friends. We are truly blessed.