Saturday, February 14, 2009

We are home and so happy!

Well, today is day two at home and so far we could not be happier. Everlee is trying to get used to being somewhere other than her hospital bed and Aubree is trying to get used to having someone other than herself in my arms. That will be a work in progress. Thank you again for everyones support during this time- the response we have recieved from everyone was just amazing. Thank you for keeping our family in your thoughts & prayers.

I have a lot more pictures to upload but here are few that Auntie Nicole was able to get over the last week.

Thanks again for all of your love & support!

Everlee Ann Leyva

6lb 3oz 19in Born 2.2.09

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We hit a speed bump...

Our little Leyva is not coming home today. We were on our way our the door when we asked the neurosurgeon to check her over one more time because her fontanelle was looked a little swollen. was. Dr. Loudon was unable to draw anything from the shunt meaning it was no longer working. So here we are in the waiting room again. Little Everlee is undergoing her third surgery in her short little life and all she wants to do is eat. I have promised she can eat as long as she wants as soon as they will let her. She is such a strong little lady but as always please keep praying for her. I will update you all as soon as I hear anything.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Newest Info

So, we are going to the hospital tomorrow in hopes to take our baby girl home. That is right the docs say she is ready. I am so happy yet very nervous. Taking care of a newborn is one thing, but now to take home a baby that is on a wound regimen and knowing that we have to watch for her shunt, her back closure and kidneys- its a little overwhelming, but so worth it. I know, I talk in circles these days.
She is the most precious little angel and we have been so blessed to be have been given a gift like her. I am amazed daily at how lucky Scott & I are when I look at our daughters, I can already see some similiarities in them as well as many differences! Like Aubree when she was a baby, Everlee is an eater, one of the reasons she is coming home so soon. She loves nursing, so I see myself being "tied up" for a while. Everlee also got one of Aubree's dimples!!! I love it! She is very strong, but we already knew that, the nurses keep thinking she is going to walk herself out of NICU- and people thought walking might be an issue... I don't think so! She is very demanding when she doesn't get the attention she wants- I am thinking she got that from Scott, he, he!:) Aubree is so proud to be a big sister, she wants to wear her "I'm a Big Sister" shirt everday. I am so happy to have my family and soon we will all be at home together.

Another quick update on Everlee's progress. As I said before all surgeries went very well. Her Spine Closure surgery on Monday was a total success, although they did go back in on Friday to tighten up the stitches to ensure no spinal fluid leakage. Friday's Brain Shunt Surgery again was another huge success, the swelling in her ventricules went down immediatly- so that was awesome. She does have some reflux into her kidneys which we will have to monitor, she will remain on antibiotics for at least this next year to help avoid infection. Her feet look great no sign of clubbing, they are just really big!:)

Thanks to everyone for your constant support and words of encouragement, this has been such a crazy & exhausting week but it really went as well as it could, if not better. Thank you to all of our family & friends that have been there during this time. We have had so much help with watching Aubree and visitors at the hospital. thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! We love you all and can't wait for you all to meet the newest addition to the Leyva Family.

We will keep you updated on her progress and as soon I get settled at home again I will get her pics posted.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 5- 2nd Surgery- Everlee is Strong!

Hi all- this is Kristi, Karlee's oldest sister; she wanted me to update you all. Karlee & Scott are busy with Everlee right now @ the hospital. Everlee had her 2nd surgery today. She is such a strong baby; she came out with flying colors. Only on day 5 now and she has lived through so much!
The opening in her back has been enclosed and is healing well, though infection is still a concern. Today she had to have her shunt placed. This little one will have some war wounds and many stories to tell I'm sure. Karlee & Scott said she handles surgery quite well, because she has had minimal assitance in pain relief and shows few signs of discomfort.
There are more challenges to come, but this gal proves she can handle anything, just like her mommy & daddy! Aubree seems to be handling everything well too; I know she's really excited that Everlee gave her a Dora doll!
Karlee & Scott are very thankful for all of your warm wishes, support, and love!

Things the way Everlee planned!!!!

So things haven't gone exactly as planned. Everlee decided to to come a bit earlier, that is right she is already here!!! Sunday night after an exciting Super Bowl Party at the Martins, my water broke and it was off to the hospital. Things ran really smooth but in the end Everlee had to be transported due to her unplanned arrival. We didn't get your typical arrival celebration, I still don't even know how long she is- but they are estmating she is just at 6lbs- which is awesome!!! So after her 2am arrival into the world Everlee took her first trip with her daddy and headed to CHOC hospital.

A lot has gone on these last 4 days, so I will give you all a quick update and hopefully be better about updating you in more detail these next few days.

Monday, after Everlee was transported to CHOC she underwent her first surgery for her back closure. This procedure went perfectly, we could have not asked for more success. The lesion was as low as they expected and it seemed relativley small, so they were able to close is with no problem. Scott & Grandma spent the day with her and she had quite a few visitors her first day. She was able to meet her sister, although I think Aubree asked to take a different baby home!:) What can do!!!! She is two!