Monday, September 7, 2009


Many of you know that I have started a new journey with Kyst By Everlee. Please take a look at the site if you have the I am so excited to have had the chance to to this , it allows me to do all the things I love and most importantly it allows be to give to the spina bifida community, both in awareness and donations. Spread the word!!!
Our Update with Everlee is what I expected!!!! She is a ROCKSTAR! I have said it all along. She is working her butt off during therapy, which she has 5 times a week. She is rolling over and just recently started sitting by herself...I plan on putting video up here as soon as I know how!!!! Her Ortho is really impressed with her progress and still sees no need for bracing of any kind. The fact that she is going to walk it so amazing but if she can do it with no assistance, I will just be floored!:) We continue to work with her on the urology side, we continue to catherize her and we recently changed up her meds which should help avoid any bladder and/or kidney damage. That is one thing that is always on my mind, well that and the Shunt. Which reminds me....Sammy the Shunt has been working for 4 months now...isn't that just awesome??? We think so. Everlee does had an appointment with an opthamologist to check on one of her eyes that seems to be turned inward...we will have to wait to her about that. She is turning into a bit of a little piggy!!!! Almost 18lbs, wow! But we worked hard for those lbs:).
As usual, I hope you all are doing time I will have video and pics for you. Hope you enjoyed your labor day!