Thursday, December 11, 2008

Everlee is Growing!!!

So we had another appointment today. Fun, Fun! Everlee's ventricules have increased a bit, they are measuring at a little more than where we were but still below the 15 mm that keeps us in the MILD stage. Dr. Asrat says the good thing is that there is still no swelling in her 3rd & 4th ventricules. Yea! Our big girl is measuring at aprox. 3lbs & 7oz, so she is right on where she needs to be. I am hoping we can still get her to 6 lbs before she is delivered. Having a little baby makes me kind of nervous, when Aubree was born it seemed like she was already a month old. The tech today was nice enough to gives us some 4d images so Aubree & I got a show from our little one. Aubree loved seeing her, I think it helped her understand that there is an actually living baby in my ever growing belly. Everlee looks to have Aubree's nose & lips with adorable chubby cheeks. She is SO cute!!!!:) I also took some time this week to have some "Belly" shots done by my extremely talented sister, Kristi. I posted a couple less revealing ones, hope none of you are offended by woman with large bellies!:)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Can you believe it is December??? Crazy how the time flies. Things seem to be keeping quiet here, I pray that this continues. We have had a few more appointments since my last update and things seem to have stayed the same. Yea! My Dr. says we should get to the New Year before delivering, although I am hoping to get way passed that. She said when we get to that point we will ask for more time, I am hoping at least to Jan 20th, that just makes me feel a lot more comfortable, 36 weeks doesn't sound too early. Although, Everlee is growing like crazy- I think she knows she is coming early!:)

Coordinations for her surgeries are still getting in order, still crossing our fingers that the surgery can happen at Hoag- just waiting to hear on a pediatric anesthesiologist that has privledges at Hoag.

Scott has been working like crazy and hasn't been able to come home that often, hopefully we can get him home for more than a weekend when Everlee is born..hint, hint, Shane!:) Just this morning Aubree told me she wanted her Daddy for Christmas- how sad.... but so cute! Aubree had a big week, she started preschool. She loves it and I am so happy- I was worried she was going to have lot of trouble but she is in heaven. She gets to go twice a week for 3 hours at a time. I figured it would be best to get her started before Everlee is born, I didn't want her to feel like I was getting rid of her. It also allows time for all the doctor appointments.

Well, not too much to update. I hope everyone is enjoying this time of year and not getting too caught up in the craziness. We love you all and hope to get to see those coming in town for the Holidays.

Love you ALL!!!! :)