Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our Everlee is a such a big girl!

I finally have access to a computer again, ugh!
Our little nugget is not so little these days. 15lbs and 8oz. and 26 inches long at 5 1/2 months!!!!
I am so proud of my chunky monkey. We have been keeping busy with doctor appointments as usual but everything has been pretty good. The best was our last appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon, he says she is using all of her muscles and that therapy will be the best thing for her. He expects her to be a walker!!!! I already figured that but it is so nice to hear it come from a professional!:) We have hired a private physical therapist in addition to what we are doing with CCS (the state program). She will now have three hours of physical therapy, two hours of occupational therapy and one hour of developemental therapy on a weekly basis. The first year is the most crucial from what I have been told so we are trying everything. Everlee is now rolling over and can hold herself for sometime in the sitting position, all of this is just awesome!!!! She is smiling like crazy and just recently started giggling. She is an awesome sleeper, THANK YOU!!!!! She does seem to have some lack of strength in her arms which might be caused by her Arnold Chiari Malformation, this has also given her a little trouble with gagging. These are all things we can work thru and she will get stronger. Her biggest problems that she will have to face are with the lack of bladder and bowel control. We met with her Gastroenterologist (I know another "ology") and he seems to think that things aren't quite working down there so we will start with testing and figure out the best solution for her. She is still being tested for various blood disorders because of her anemia, not quite sure what caused her to need a blood transfusion yet but we will get that figured out.
Our little girls are both growing way too fast! Aubree is just getting funnier each day and she knows it. Everlee already idolizes her big sis, I just love it. Aubree will get started with preschool in the fall. Oh boy!!! I will keep you updated on everything here. Thank you as always to everyone that has given us so much support thru all of this. We love you all.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Leyva's,
Thanks for the update on your sweet girls. Your family is always in our prayers!! We need to get together soon. Love the PICS!!!!!

Courtney Davis :0)

KrisD Mauga said...

awesome!!!! Love all the good news!!! She looks like Wesley when he was a baby in this pic- what a cutie!!! We want Aubree over for a couple of nights- please!!!

Hey BTW- I have adsense- I still have to receive a check from them- I've had them on my sites for over 2 years- let me know if you actually get some moola...
There ar other companies that do pay check out my blog to find them.

Luv you !!!

Jaymi said...

Awww love you guys and we are so proud of little Everlee! P.S. I clicked on your links! <3 The Martins.

Anonymous said...

well ain't she cute as pie!!!!
love the updates.
sounds like Everlee is a sweetie and a fighter!
That's a great combo if I ever did hear of one!