Friday, April 17, 2009

Our New Baby!

As many of you know little Everlee has been keeping us very busy. But it has been worth it when I look at the baby she has become in the last week. With all of the fun appointments with her specialists and therapists she also ended up in the hospital for week with two more shunt revisions. During this time we also found out about her neurogenic bladder and that we would have to start cathing her to protect her kidneys. Not what we expected but we are learning that this is just our new way of life. The most amazing part is to see what a happy baby she is. I thought we had a bit of a fuss butt, which I felt she was entitled to be, but I was so wrong. Now that we have a properly working shunt we have ourselves a happy and content angel. It is so nice to see her so content and comfortable. She now is connecting with her eyes, giving us a social smile and she is recognizing my voice. Developmentally she is right on which is such a gift. I really can't express how happy were are, these little milestones that she hits keep the marathon weeks of appointments so worth it. I think the strongest of us all has been big sister, Aubree. She has been so good with all the appointments and the hospital visits. I can't believe the patience and maturity she has shown, such a big girl! I will try to be better with the updates, as always thank you for your support and keep please keep our little ones in your prayers.

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Leigh and Andy said...

What a cutie!! I'm so glad that Everlee has grown into a happy, smiling baby, aren't they so much fun?!?!?!? I hope that all of your appointments are going well, and they you get a break from them soon! :)