Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Almost 2 weeks...whew!


Here I am (Kris) again blogging for Karlee; she is having difficulty with her computer for some unknown reason.  
Karlee has been by her daughter's side in the hospital for almost 2 weeks now!  Everlee went in due to an infection.  She seemed to be in the clear and was scheduled to come home last Saturday.  I guess Everlee must really love being in the hospital, because that darn infection came right back.
This misfortune doesn't seem to bring the Leyva family down though; they are warriors!  Karlee & Scott always have positive attitudes and take these moments in stride.  Everlee has been the "Warrior Princess" fighting each  battle that reaches her.  Aubree has been remarkably good without having her full-time mommy, daddy, and sissy with her.  Everyone has been taking turns caring for Aubree...I'm sure she will be spoiled with love from mommy, daddy, and Everlee soon!  Daddy bought her a turtle to keep her company...Kruiz really loves it too (thanks Scott)!
Everlee has had now 8 brain surgeries and continues to strive.  A new challenge has been revealed; severe enemia.  The Dr. was please to announce that it was not due to internal bleeding- meaning it's not his doing but now she has another medical issue and needs to see a hematologist.  Just one more battle for this family of warriors to challenge!
Karlee, Scott, Everlee & Aubree are so thankful to everyone for your support!  Please keep them in your prayers!

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